First Tenants in Lafayette’s Downtown Solution Center

First Tenants in Lafayette’s Downtown Solution Center

We are pleased to welcome Adrian Huval and Robert Morrow with Teche Technology to our tech space in downtown Lafayette. This is yet another step toward the vision of building an inspiring, collaborative space to house tech companies that have complementary skills and interests.

Teche Technology is a professional technology management firm supporting small to medium sized businesses within a 100-mile radius of Lafayette. They provide best-in-class solutions that are robust, secure and compliant —maximizing efficiency and return on investment to minimize unknowns and limit risk. Their skills and talents are a great complement to the software development and consulting skills of our own team here at ADP Solutions.

A clarification on the idea of “collaborative space.” Google and other cutting-edge companies have explored open, sharable areas as a means of promoting collaboration in the workplace — and this is a trend that’s steadily gaining traction in several industries. The collaboration in our tech center is less about architecture and more about having IT folks with different expertise, interests and backgrounds housed in a single location. This helps to encourage the exchange of ideas and potential projects face to face.

One person, one company cannot be an expert on all things tech, as IT is so vast and quick to change. Think about it – you wouldn’t ask a cardiologist to diagnose and treat a neurological condition — the same applies to tech. Clients are served better by allowing collaborative efforts to bolster services. Instead of saying, “We can’t do this,” when a client request something that isn’t in our wheelhouse, we say, “We don’t know how to do this, but we know someone who can.” It’s good customer service.


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August 31, 2017

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