Industry Veterans Come Together Once More to Form ADP Solutions

Feb 23, 2017

LAFAYETTE, La (Feb. 23, 2017) — Industry veterans Anne Pyle and Lily Young come together to form ADP Solutions, a leading provider of innovative SalesforceⓇ solutions. The powerhouse team originally joined forces in 1989 for ADP Consulting Inc. where they designed and developed innovative software for clientele in the region. This time, Pyle and Young—managing partner and partner, respectively—are combining their skills and expertise with Terry Bourque, partner, to bolster the company’s innovation-focused initiatives.

Leveraging senior-level expertise and years of industry experience, the ADP Solutions team delivers custom solutions powered by the Salesforce platform™. The three partners at ADP Solutions are a trusted team of advisors who deliver enterprise-level value to small to medium businesses. They share the same pragmatic approach to client work – understand the client’s mission, challenges, opportunities, customer base, workforce needs and budget to create robust technological solutions.

“Each of us have experience working with or owning small entrepreneurial businesses,” said Pyle. “Being one ourselves, we have a keen understanding of the small- to medium-sized businesses we serve. We focus on the specific needs of our clients and provide solutions that streamline processes to spur productivity and enhance customer experience.

“In addition, we provide businesses with access to critical data, in the form of dashboards, analytics and live reports, that allow for data-driven decisions to keep the business agile, competitive and healthy.

“We design our solutions from the beginning with input and direction from key stakeholders across all levels of the organization—executive, managerial and staff—to ensure changes are successfully implemented and embraced by all users.”

Pyle and Bourque have had leadership positions in enterprise organizations and have created and directed strategic goals and initiatives that span all across the organizations. To clients, that means they understand the needs of those at executive levels of the business.

Pyle’s experience runs the gamut—developer, business analyst, project manager, CIO and now consultant—and spans across a range of industries including real estate, oil and gas, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, construction, real estate, aerospace, public sector and non-profit.

Young has extensive expertise in using a wide variety of programming languages on multiple operating platforms. Partnering once again with Pyle in 2016, she leverages her experience as a programmer, business analyst and database administrator (DBA) to evaluate the needs of clients looking for more advanced functionality.

Bourque combines his IT skills, strategic management experience, product innovation and financial expertise to enhance the value of clients’ IT investments. He specializes in programming, systems design, consulting and data center management to create comprehensive solutions for small to large enterprises.

With ADP Solutions, you get the same breadth of experience and depth of knowledge as the ‘big guys’ but for a fraction of the price. To learn more about ADP Solutions, please visit



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