Salesforce for Enterprises- Part 1 – Accounts

Apr 30, 2017


Anne Pyle: I’d like to show you today how our firm ADP solutions utilizes for our business. Salesforce is very flexible and can provide value to businesses in almost any industry. What you are looking at on the screen is sample data, it’s not our real data, but sample data of accounts, the kinds of accounts that we care about. In a CRM, you, of course, expect to be able to see your clients or customers and people who are your prospective clients or customers.

We take that further and we also track partners, people that we do business with, for instances Salesforce is a partner. We also track vendors and anyone who has any kind of association with this. This is a list view of all accounts and you can see some of the basic information, even the number of opportunities here, number of open opportunities, number one opportunities employees. What I’m going to do is go into one of these for you, and show you one of our bigger clients. I’m going to use the global search capability within Salesforce which is really powerful because what this does it looks for that word “captain” and looks through all the information in Salesforce trying to find something that includes captain in it. It’s very forgiving as well, so if I misspelled the word “captain”, it will realize I’m probably talking about that word so it will find it anyway.

If I just click right into “captain bamboo” which is a client of ours, you can see that I’ve got some basic information here which is pretty typical stuff for a Salesforce organization. We have a couple of different addresses and of course, Google maps is there. There’s some analytics which we very often provide in the accounts. At a quick glance, you can see it’s the kind of information that might be really important to you in this case. How many opportunities have we won with this plan, what was the value of that, plus any open opportunities we may have for them.

Also, you’ve got contacts and this client has 16 different contacts, which are employees of the company. In addition to that Salesforce allows you to do something called related context which is just really very helpful. We’re getting more and more of our clients to do this, so you can see all of the people who are contacts for the company are here including Razuna who is CEO and is the decision maker. We also have Joe Carmouche who is one of our account execs from Salesforce who is a partner and actually turned us on to this particular account that we eventually won. Marie Curie with Cartle Blanche is there is an influencer. She is really in a completely separate company. This is someone that we did business with before and she helped influence our ability to get this client.

This is just a little bit of how you can use Salesforce, the kind of data it collects, and we will continue this with another section of this series.


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