Salesforce for Enterprises – Accounts Pt. 2

May 10, 2017


Anne Pyle: We’re going to continue talking about Salesforce accounts because there really is a lot more information beyond just the basic account, some contacts and account information. I’m in my favorite account “Captain Bamboo” here and I’m going to scroll down beyond to the contacts and related contacts that we’ve talked about in a prior video and bring you down to something that is really the meat of it, that is the opportunities. Salesforce allows you to understand your pipeline, things that you have sold to this client. In our case it’s services, professional services.

The stage they’re in, in this case it’s a closed one, something that we already have and the amount. Service implementation, this is a proposal. This is what would create a pipeline of information to show you the work that you have done for this client, plus things that you anticipate seeing, doing for them in the future. That’s the pipeline and that’s how it’s based. It’s based upon the account. In addition to that, one thing that we really like, and again are trying to get clients to use, are the assets. If you look here, this tells us what IT that’s relevant to us, has been installed with this client.

This client has installed the Sales Cloud of Salesforce. We also included DBSync which is the way that we integrate to their QuickBooks instance. Then there’s some apps from SoapBox which allows us to integrate events and online payments into Salesforce. Another thing that’s really good about Salesforce is you can record your touch points with contacts and also with specific accounts. Here, starting at the bottom here, the activity history tells me what I’ve done in the past with this client. I can see back in December, we sent an email to them. Then we had a meeting with them in February of this year and these were the objectives of the meeting. This was the result of the meeting. Now, you’re seeing things that I’m going to do in the future. I have a next-steps follow-up to collect that connect with Rosalind to talk about executive Dashboards and Marketing Automation.

These are really powerful tools. These activities in Salesforce that help you as well as anyone who has access to this account in Salesforce can see, “Oh, I can see what Terry did. I can see what Anne did. I know exactly what’s been going on with this client.” It’s a very robust functionality.


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