Salesforce for Enterprises – Reporting Dashboard Pt. 4

Jun 5, 2017


Anne Pyle: You can’t talk about technology and collection of data without talking about reporting. Salesforce has a fully featured reports and dashboards capability within it. What you’re looking at here is a sample of an executive dashboard, these dashboards of course are live so they’re based upon the actual data within Salesforce. I find a lot of clients will export data to Excel, create their graphs there and then use those for presentations. Well of course the minute that you export the data it’s no longer legitimate because it’s no longer current. So, here this is based on live data, what I’ll show you is there are three different kinds of reports here that I’m showing to you.

One is a pipeline, so I talked in a prior segment about how when you are dealing with opportunities these stages identify how close you are to actually winning a deal. So, this pipeline at this funnel is actually a very typical way of showing an opportunity pipeline. It’s showing you that we are 13% of opportunities are in the qualification stage what is in the needs analysis stage, proposal stage, the negotiation stage, so that’s what these are based on.

There’s another way of taking a look at pipe times and that’s over a period of time. So, you can see with the same stage just showed with stacked bar charts what opportunities we have in the future, then lastly this one is interesting it’s a gauge. This shows you based upon a quota or a goal we would like a million dollars in sales this year where we are within that so this is in thousands. $755,000 has been once so real really very close to meeting our goal.

The nice thing about these dashboards is that they’re clickable note the little note there says click to go to the full report so when you do that you actually end up with those in the report itself and you can see the dashboard component, the pipeline itself is there and now I can see by stage because that’s how that pipeline is organized by stage, what my opportunities are, some important data about the opportunities for instance how long they’ve been in the pipeline and down see the rest of the data that composes these opportunities if you wanted to take a look at the opportunity specifically or the account you could click right into it from here and here I am in the detail about this opportunity which shows all the details about what’s going on with this opportunity and where we are with it. So, that in three minutes or less is a tour of Salesforce reports and dashboards.



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