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Our team is made up of industry professionals who specialize in delivering innovative technology and data solutions powered by the robust Salesforce platform. Clients come to us because they seek advanced solutions that seamlessly fit their business and improve their outcomes. We develop, implement and manage custom-tailored solutions designed to streamline your business.

Our clients include commercial businesses of all types as well as nonprofit and public organizations. Once you get to know us, you will understand that we believe we are successful only if you are successful.

The method is important to you, the client, because it:

  • Saves you money – the adaptive method is quicker and therefore less costly
  • Delivers solutions that fit your specific needs – with short cycles, iteration and team involvement (ADP Solutions and the client), combined with the use of the remarkable customization and declarative development tools provide by the Salesforce platform™, you will review and impact the solution as it is built
Anne Pyle with ADP SolutionsManaging partner of ADP Solutions, Anne Pyle, has been in Information Technology since 1977. Her experience runs the gamut – developer, business analyst, project manager, CIO and now consultant. She has been providing Salesforce® solutions since 2014. Her experience spans industries including real estate, oil and gas, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, construction, aerospace, public sector and non-profit.

The robust Salesforce platform™ allows Pyle and her team to quickly create custom business solutions that extend the boundaries of possibilities, driving innovation and results for a positive bottom-line impact.

To learn more about Pyle’s vast experience as a self-starter, check out the ABiz article featuring her work.

Pyle served as programmer analyst for Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation, where she developed software for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the message switching hub for all military sites in North America. She coded the essential component of the system referred to as SFR (System Failover and Recovery) that satisfied the Air Force’s contract requirement that 100 percent of messages be delivered.
Pyle developed marketable business solutions for the oil and gas industry as a software developer then software manager for Klaassen & Associates, an oil and gas accounting software house. The products improved processes and data capture of its clients. She mastered complexities of the industry’s accounting methods and managed development and installation of the products.
As a senior consultant and manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pyle designed large-scale database systems for state and local government entities. With her meticulous attention to detail, Pyle identified deficiencies in the database design methodologies and worked to improve them, minimizing execution time and reducing overall project costs.
As VP/CIO and member of the executive team at Lafayette General Medical Center, Pyle demonstrated a strategic and tactical vision that aligned IT with the goals of the institution. She discovered that information systems from multiple vendors on multiple platforms had created an environment which compromised data integrity and led to disjointed processes for systems users. Her vision included early adoption of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), improving system and staff performances of the IT Department and establishing a due-diligence model for vendor contracts and relationships.

She and her team implemented a solution to integrate all data, from registration through patient discharge and billing, into a single Oracle database, into a single system. Pyle thus improved IS departmental relationships within LGMC as facilitator of positive change, both in use of emergent technology and in the redesign of processes, thereby boosting service levels to all users.

Nearly 2,500 users were impacted by the EMR implementation. Pyle and her team involved users from all levels and departments during the design of the system and provided comprehensive training and 24/7 support to ease the enormous change in processes.

With a natural affinity for entrepreneurship, Pyle formed her first small business, ADP Consulting. Her practice concentrated on software development and training for multiple industries, with the intent of assisting businesses to improve their processes, provide relevant information for better decision making and enhance the customer experience with innovative technology.

Because she knows what it’s like to start-up a new business, nurture its growth and sustain that growth, Pyle understands the challenges businesses have every day.

The proper implementation of technology is the key to success for businesses of all sizes. The current business climate is global and change is accelerating. Businesses must make wise and innovative use of technology to rise to the challenges we face every day.


Leveraging her experience as a programmer and analyst, Lily evaluates the needs of our clients looking for more advanced data entry, tracking and reporting functionality and makes recommendations for either custom Salesforce™ off-the-shelf software applications or custom Salesforce™ solutions designed to fulfill their unique business needs.

While many companies may undertake digital initiatives, there are few who actually manage to bring transformative change to their business. Successful transformative change requires leaders who can effectively translate the unique needs of your business into a solution. Lily works alongside your staff and analyzes their pain points to recommend custom Salesforce solutions that drive higher profit, productivity and customer benefits. Using real-time data awareness and automation, Lily takes advantage of the transformative potential of the Salesforce platform to redefine the way your organization operates.

Lily encourages collaboration across organizational boundaries to gain staff buy-in. By networking with the collective intelligence of your organization throughout the entire design, development and implementation process, Lily ensures your staff that their needs and goals align with this transformative change to drive the shared agenda of your organization. The support of your employees is crucial for effectively fostering the success of your new Salesforce processes.

By fusing the various skills and perspectives of your staff, Lily drives the technology transformation to ensure your Salesforce solution remains on track. She closely monitors and manages your project from start to finish for seamless integration into your organization’s processes and daily workflow, while remaining in budget and on schedule for a well-planned and executed Salesforce solution.

Lily recognizes that it takes time and commitment to channel your employees’ energies to adapt to your Salesforce initiatives. She remains available to your staff, even after your solution is live, maintaining a rapport to better understand the future needs of your unique business. Keeping the bigger picture in mind, Lily performs additional analysis to troubleshoot any issues and make adjustments and enhancements as needed to ensure your Salesforce solution continues to work for your business, even as the technology continues to change.

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