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ADP Solutions can meet the specific needs of nonprofit case management—tracking the services you deliver from intake to case closure, service planning to service entry, and program design to outcomes reportingusing Salesforce.  This powerful software tool is not just for the business world; in fact, more than 30,000 non-profit organizations across the globe use Salesforce to advance their missions.  The data can illustrate the impact of your work and help you make more effective decisions regarding future needs for clients, staff, and funding.

How It Works

We’ve taken the basic functionality of Salesforce ‘out of the box’, and built custom functions specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit case management. This Quick Start package is already built based on our years of experience, so implementation is quick and painless.  Once installed, our team walks you through training on site, using our custom SOP manual as a guide.

Salesforce works best when it is used daily in operations to understand client progress and take action. Quick Start for Nonprofit Case Management allows your organization to streamline processes and workflows, reduce paperwork with cloud-based documentation, deliver more timely and effective services, and enhance staff productivity.  Managing Partner Anne Pyle and team understand the unique needs of nonprofits, and have the years of experience to advance and modernize your mission.  Request a consultation today.

Robust Functionality


Salesforce unifies and centralizes all client records, so you can easily follow the progress of each case through the program and track their use of services. Automate and digitize new ‘leads’ using web or email forms that seamlessly convert to cases, including all onboarding, documentation, and program and services assigned.  Save time on evaluation with a real-time view of capacity.  Staff can more effectively follow each case through the program, which can expand the organization’s reach.  With Quick Start , nonprofits can answer key questions, such as, ‘What’s our value to the client?’ and ‘What is our length of case?’.

Case Loads/Employees

This function goes beyond internal staff monitoring and reporting.  It helps your employees spend less time on paperwork and more time providing high-quality client care.  They can readily manage case plans to track goals, milestones, and action items as the client moves through your program. Leadership can better assess individual performance and productivity, like number of cases and the duration of each case, as well as team progress as a whole.


Nonprofits use this functionality to manage classes, trainings, and events that are part of the services offered to clients.  Organize and schedule resources, automate assignment of tasks, and track detailed activity histories.  This object ensures that clients meet necessary requirements to move forward in the program.  Outcomes reporting is simplified—identify clients with low and high attendance rates, for example, or look at overall attendance metrics to determine which sessions are the most effective.

Outcome Reporting

The Salesforce dashboard is a comprehensive yet flexible tool for full outcome reporting on metrics like client demographics; services provided, use, and value; completion rates; trends in services offered; referral sources; and more.  Standard with the Quick Start Package, these reports are an invaluable insight for future decision-making, goal-setting, review of activity and effectiveness, and operational transparency to your board of directors.


Salesforce can fully track the resource & referral services offered by your non-profit. Keep an ongoing roster of providers that collaborate with and assist your organization.  Set up goals, indicators and services for each client and each program. Employees can easily track service delivery and follow-up appropriately, with a clear record of all communications and collaborations among departments and external agencies. 

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