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More than 30,000 nonprofit organizations across the globe utilize Salesforce to help drive their missions.  Why?  It provides a comprehensive, robust platform for nonprofits to effectively manage and track donors, sponsors, volunteers, events, campaigns, and grants.  At ADP Solutions, we don’t just collect data that sits in the cloud—our program makes that data usable so you can improve productivity, take advantage of revenue opportunities, improve donor retention, and make better decisions to move your organization forward.

How It Works

We’ve taken the basic functionality of Salesforce ‘out of the box’, and built custom functions specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit donor management.  This Quick Start package is already built based on our years of experience, so implementation is quick and painless.  Once installed, our team walks you through training on site, using our custom SOP manual as a guide.

Become more agile, more effective, and more productive for better results with a Quick Start package for Nonprofit Donor Management. It is a true CRM—Constituent Relationship Management—platform. Managing Partner Anne Pyle and team know the language of your industry, and the metrics that are important to your team for true transparency and a 360-degree view of organizational growth and development activities.  Request a consultation today.

Robust Functionality


Your success is built upon relationships, and Salesforce is outstanding at tracking all aspects of constituents.  From households, including donations (monetary and in-kind), volunteer time, and memberships; to businesses that contribute dollars, in-kind services, in-kind goods/donations.  Salesforce also tracks other affiliates like collaborative non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and granting agencies like family foundations.  Get a birds-eye view of current donors and opportunities in the pipeline, for improved donor retention.


Our clients use this functionality to evaluate the effectiveness of trainings, classes, and special events, determining revenue and attendance, volunteer hours, sponsorships, and new members for a true picture of return on investment. This object also tracks industry events like trade shows and conferences, to discover which resulted in new leads and opportunities for grants and collaboration.  It is a great tool for engagement—connecting with attendees before, during and after the event, tracking conversations and activities, and learning their interests and motivations.


Part of your constituency, but also tied to campaigns (events and classes), volunteer management is a key part of the Quick Start Package.  Identify jobs needed for an event, how many slots and when, then identify who is signed up so all bases are covered.  Manage your list of current and potential volunteers, track those who need to complete orientation, and even those no longer active.  Identify money saved based on hours worked (money saved by offsetting expenses).  This is a great solution for matching volunteers with their interests, to keep them engaged.

Revenue Reporting

We take your list of closed opportunities to track revenue received—grants, event tickets, sponsorships, capital campaign donations, and more.  You see the connection of WHO in your constituents database, and the WHERE if the result of an event or campaign.  More importantly, the Quick Start Package through Salesforce gives you the WHY . . . was that opportunity won, so you can duplicate your success in the future.  Used as part of the platform whole, it’s another valuable insight that is easily reported to your board, agencies, and other constituents.


ADP Solutions has years of experience in leveraging this object to its full potential to fully track all donation, sponsorship, and grant opportunities, and where they are in the pipeline.  What is in the works, in terms of expected dollars or in-kind goods and services?  What leads are lost, and why?  We configure Salesforce to monitor key metrics with campaigns and events, including memberships, sponsorships, fees, tickets sold, and even auction items.  Opportunities is linked closely with constituents, for better reporting of touchpoints with contacts, action items, and key performance indicators to determine if you’re meeting goals set.

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Tips + Tricks

Let ADP Solutions share some of the best tips and tricks of the trade. With our blogs and videos, we show you what we know about Salesforce and how it can help you. Salesforce is a robust platform, but don’t let that scare you. We are here to help. Get your processes in gear, accumulate a repository of meaningful data, engage your employees, engage your clients and prospects, improve your revenue stream. It’s all possible with the right implementation of Salesforce. Request a consultation today.


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