ADP Solutions’ Salesforce Certifications

ADP Solutions' badges for Salesforce Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, and Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Service Cloud Consultant

At ADP Solutions, we are proud to be certified Salesforce administrators and consultants.

To earn Salesforce certifications, it takes rigorous preparation that typically combines six months to a year of study, practice, and practical experience before attempting the certification test.

Maintaining these credentials is its own process, which includes completing tests throughout the year. Salesforce delivers releases to its products three times a year, which are packed with new features and are described in 400-600 pages of release notes. In order to maintain certifications, we are required to pass an exam for each release.

It’s a significant investment in time and money to gain and maintain certifications, but it’s a rigorous process that guarantees our firm’s ability to create effective Salesforce solutions for our clients.

Salesforce Administrator & Advanced Administrator

Salesforce Certified Administrator BadgeSalesforce Certified Administrators have broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce implementations, and continuously look for ways that companies can get more from additional features and capabilities.

Salesforce certified advanced administrator badgeSalesforce Certified Advanced Administrators are considered experts in the features and functionality of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud. In addition, these administrators are adept at creating declarative automations.

The Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Advanced Administrator credentials are difficult to attain because they include three of the Salesforce clouds: Sales, Service, and Community.

A lot of people have experience only with one of those areas — typically the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. Being an administrator requires a comprehensive understanding of all three.

Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Cloud Consultant

Certified consultants for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Salesforce Community Cloud have a thorough understanding of the technical components of each particular platform and know how to design, configure and implement them.

Salesforce certified Sales Cloud Consultant badgeCertified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants create maintainable and scalable solutions to meet clients’ business requirements and contribute to long-term success. While Sales Cloud is “CRM” (Customer Relationship Management), we build on top of the platform to provide unique and impactful solutions to our clients that go well beyond CRM.

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant badgeCertified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants implement Service Cloud for field service needs, help desk / call center needs as well as nonprofit case management needs.

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant badgeCertified Salesforce Community Cloud Consultants implement this Cloud in order to provide users external to an organization with access the data within the Salesforce platform, along with the ability to communicate with internal users. This access is dictated by security configurations and levels. Community Cloud provides robust and beautifully designed portals for customers, partners and employees.

Why choose a partner with these certifications?

It takes full-time focus to be an expert in Salesforce. Our clients choose us because of our singular focus on Salesforce as a development platform for all of our projects.



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April 9, 2019