Breaking the ice at the Acadiana Salesforce Users Group Meeting

Breaking the ice at the Acadiana Salesforce Users Group Meeting

Ever been to a meeting where you know almost no one in the room, the natural social butterflies are having no problems interacting with people, but you’re a little timid and uncomfortable?

That’s exactly what we do not want to happen at our Salesforce Users Group meetings. The purpose after all is to learn from each other, discuss how we are using the product, reveal what works and what doesn’t. We want the members to feel comfortable interacting.

Enter Brent Henley, CEO of the Pyramid Group. He effectively broke the ice by engaging the group in an exercise designed to encourage the members of the group to intermingle in a fun way. And it worked! We had eight minutes to ask questions he provided of as many people in the room as we could. By the end of it all, we were laughing and joking. The energy in the room went up significantly.

The second half of our meeting was educational and stimulating. Rhyan Wheeler, Director of Investor & Member Relations with One Acadiana is an expert at Salesforce reports & dashboards and gave us a tutorial on how she created them for One Acadiana. Her dashboard is invaluable to her as it drives her team’s work and allows all of them to understand how and when their constituents are touched so that they can be can build stronger relationships. They also use the dashboards to understand how the constituents are interacting with the organization. Rhyan pointed out that it helps to have that info documented in Salesforce when there is a staff change. How many times have you been concerned because a key employee left with valuable institutional knowledge in his or her head but not anywhere else? Rhyan is also an avid mobile user. The Salesforce1 app is available on Apple and Android. For instance, she uses it to review information about a contact while in her car before a meeting and then to record her activities afterward.

As consulting partner we implement Salesforce for organizations of different types and sizes. These three capabilities of the product – reports & dashboards, activities, and mobile – are surprisingly among the least utilized features of Salesforce. Hopefully Rhyan inspired others to use them.

If you’re interested in attending a meeting, please send me a message at [email protected]