Our 2016 DreamForce Experience


Anne Pyle: Dreamforce is Salesforce’s humongous conference in San Francisco. 170,000 people apparently showed up this year in San Francisco, which even for a city the size of San Francisco, is quite enormous. The interesting thing about it is that it’s not employees. It’s all clients and partners. The numbers are astounding because there are 2,700 sessions to choose from. There are a lot of educational opportunities. There were keynote speakers. Last year, the CEO of Microsoft was there. This year Melinda Gates was there, so there are some high-powered speakers who come in just to talk. It’s pretty overwhelming.

I went last year for the first time. Everyone says it’s like drinking from the firehose, and it truly is, because there’s just so much that you can do. The campus is huge. It’s in downtown San Francisco. This year, I went for the second time, and it was a different experience for me, because now I’m a consulting partner. l’m bonafide Salesforce consulting partner. Rather than last year, we were focused on what is Salesforce, and what are the products? This year I focused on what does it mean to be a partner, who are some of the other partners that I can collaborate with? Who can I get to know in Salesforce, and how can I use this to improve my implementations for my clients?