Dreamforce Announcements make mobile even better

Dreamforce Announcements make mobile even better

Will two announcements at DreamForce last week make the Salesforce mobile app irresistible?

We’ve been hearing a lot about Einsten – the AI engine that is injecting intelligence into most every piece of the Salesforce platform. Einstein Voice, though not generally available, was demoed all over DreamForce. It’s not just voice recognition – that’s been around forever. Einstein Voice uses natural language processing to understand your statements and translate them into action. Like logging a call, creating a follow up task and even updating fields in Salesforce records.

Salesforce describes it this way:

“As you verbally dictate your memo, Einstein Voice transcribes the audio stream to allow our natural language understanding models to classify what types of updates you need to make to the various fields in Salesforce. It then extracts and normalizes the inputs to match the required field formats, like the close date and deal amount for a given opportunity.

We are not only thinking about how actions impact your business, but also what you need to do next. So Einstein Voice Assistant can create tasks and understand terms like ‘next month’ to make sure Salesforce reminds you at the appropriate time. Einstein Voice Assistant finishes this all off by logging an event on the record and ensuring all relevant contacts are included in the event’s details, making you more productive.”

Read more at the Salesforce Blog about Einstein Voice.

The other intriguing development is the Salesforce / Apple partnership. They will work together to redesign the mobile app on IOS to provide customers with a richer experience that integrates Apple features such as Siri, Face ID, Shortcuts and Business Chat into the app.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says:

“We’re excited to work with Salesforce and that their industry-leading CRM will embrace native iOS and deliver exclusive new features on iPhone and iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “With the powerful combination of iPhone, iPad and iOS — the best hardware and software for business — together with native Salesforce apps and the new Salesforce SDK, we can deliver great customer experiences for businesses around the world.”

Salesforce co-CEO Mark Beniof says:

“With this partnership, we’re bringing together the world’s number one CRM platform with iPhone and iPad, the world’s best devices for business,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and co-CEO, Salesforce. “Together, Salesforce and Apple are defining a new era of mobile innovation with native apps on iOS, and empowering millions of people with access to Trailhead and the skills they need for the jobs of the future.”

Read more at the Apple Press Release about the Salesforce Partnership.


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October 2, 2018