Innovation With ADP Solutions

by | Nov 15, 2017


Anne Pyle: Innovation is always stunning. There is always a major announcement. Last year was Lightning, which is their complete revamp of the way the product works and the way the product looks. This year was Einstein, which I can talk about a bit later. The level of innovation, the level of excitement, the fact that people collaborate, right? In some of the conferences I’ve gone to in the past, there has been and still is a lot of competition in IT. Everybody is competing for the same dollar, the same client, but I spend a lot of time in the partner community with other partners like me who you would think would be my competitors, but the spirit was one of collaboration. I came back with a stack of business cards of other partners in other areas of the country, doing things like me doing other things and we’re going to create our own group on the partner community, so we can collaborate and continue knowing what each other’s doing, when we can support one another, if there might be subcontracting opportunities with one another.

From the customer perspective, it’s just the innovation keeps coming and keeps coming and keeps coming. From a partner, it’s the fact that it’s truly collaborative which makes everyone better. I’m learning more and more about the products. The really good thing about it is that Salesforce is multiple products. There’s a sales cloud, which is what everybody thinks up which is CRM. There’s a marketing cloud which I’m really interested in because it’s a whole different cloud that is integrated into the sales cloud. There’s a community cloud, there’s a commodities cloud. There’s so many of them.

Just myself keeping up to date on what sales was actually offers, is important to clients because I came back with ideas for clients saying, “You know, they could probably benefit from the marketing cloud,” so I can have a chance to introduce them. The other thing is that if I’m a strong partner with Salesforce, then I’m going to have a good inside information and now I’m going to have good contacts within the Salesforce community itself. Having some visibility is important to clients because I might need to be able to if I need information or I need assistance, I now have a wealth of context that I can use to do that kind of thing for my customers.