ADP Solutions: Jason El Koubi

Jul 20, 2017


Jason El Koubi: Just a few years ago, when I became the CEO of the Chamber Of Commerce here in Acadiana, we embarked on a major organizational transformation into a powerhouse regional economic development organization that is now called One Acadiana. We knew that this part of transformation that we would have to dramatically change the way that we managed our relationships. We would need to communicate in a much more personalized way and we would need to communicate with a wide range of individuals not just here in the nine-parish area, but around our country in a way that is intelligent and in a way that is business focused.

To do that, we partnered with ADP Solutions because we needed somebody who understood the range of activities that we do, who understood how we operate, the capabilities of our staff, but also somebody who had a strong understanding of the different technological solutions that were out there. We embarked on the implementation of Salesforce which has dramatically improved the way that we communicate with our own members and investors. It’s improved the way we communicate with our partners. It’s helped us to do events and hundreds of other activities in a way that not only delivers a more personalized experience to those individuals but helps us to learn from the way that they’re engaging with our organization.

As part of that, we also implemented Pardot so that when we email with folks, we can do so in a much more personalized way on mass. At the same time, understand with much greater power how they are interacting with our communications, so we are increasingly becoming a smarter organization. An organization that is managing its relationships in a much more powerful way, and we continue to benefit from the service after the sale of ADP Solutions.