Salesforce Implementation for JohnPac Blows it Out of the Water

JohnPac is a privately-held American industrial manufacturing company that buys and resells all different types of industrial packaging. They are one of the few remaining organizations in the United States that manufactures woven polypropylene bags. JohnPac CEO Mary Ellen Henry says “The textile industry left the United States 25 years ago, so we’re probably one of only five left in the US that do what we do.”

JohnPac has $50 million in annual sales in a highly-fragmented market ripe for consolidation and was looking to increase revenues and market share as well as streamline and quicken their quoting process.

ADP Solutions has been their implementation partner since the initial go-live in 2017. “The move to Salesforce got everyone on the same page and has been a great organizational tool for the company,” says Henry. Salesforce provided sales and the executive team with greater real-time pipeline visibility and transparency and enables a more accurate prediction of future revenue streams.

The progress has been remarkable, says Henry. “Sales have increased 200 percent since implementation for certain reps with more to come. We are doing more upselling to existing customers and gaining insight into lost opportunities and areas that need attention. The sales team is also more motivated with dashboard views of metrics and opportunity status,” says Henry.

In a second phase, JohnPac wanted added functionality to automate and streamline their Request-for-Quote process. JohnPac once again turned to ADP Solutions to customize Salesforce. “I knew ADP’s credentials and felt really comfortable with Anne and Lily so off we went. It’s been phenomenal; we couldn’t have automated quoting within Salesforce without ADP.”

There is a lot of complex specificity to the products JohnPac sells. “It’s all about the construction of a particular package which requires deep product knowledge and a lot of technical specificity,” says Henry. Since the implementation of the RFQ solution in Salesforce, workflow has been drastically streamlined, efficiency has improved 100%.

“Sales can’t submit the request unless it’s totally complete. This has quickened our sales process and tamped down sales and customer service rep’s frustration.”

An unexpected benefit is management insight into sales’ actual product knowledge. Though Salesforce is user-friendly, sales reps really have to know the product to be able to ask the customer for and enter the multilayered information into Salesforce to kick off the quoting process. Henry says “This also gives our customers and prospects greater confidence and trust that sales knows the products they are selling.”


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April 16, 2019