UL, CGI and ADP Solutions partner to create FLO – an app in Salesforce

We are proud to have worked with three seniors from UL’s Business Informatics program this semester on their Capstone Project. At the beginning of the semester, ADP Solutions and CGI partnered to offer an idea for a project to develop a Flood Preparedness app, using Salesforce as a development platform. Three of the students took us up on that challenge – Elizabeth Hesse, Brandi Moore and Sidney Harris. Kenny Hunter with CGI was Scrum Master while Lily and I served as Product Owners during the Agile development project.

FLO imageLogo Created by the UL Students

The students presented their work at a session at CGI yesterday. I’m very proud of them! We had a blast working with the team. They learned a lot and created a functioning app in a very short amount of time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Salesforce is not just a CRM. It is a powerful no code / low code development platform that you can use to develop just about anything. Even a Disaster Preparedness App!


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December 19, 2017