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Our Salesforce implementation projects usually involve moving clients away from “legacy” systems to the Salesforce platform – a cloud based platform with a subscription payment model. Here are some of the key advantages to choosing the Salesforce platform, in the form of questions we often get from clients and prospective clients.

Can we rely on you to provide support after we go live with Salesforce?

Yes, we absolutely provide ongoing support to all of our clients after they are live with their systems. Unlike legacy systems that our clients are used to, Salesforce does not typically break. We rarely receive calls from clients because something is no longer working. That is one reason we and our clients like Salesforce so much!

Also, our implementation projects are iterative and include your team in the process. So you end up with the product configured to your what YOU want it to do. Before you go live, you all would have performed thorough testing yourselves with us so that you will know exactly what it does before you start using it

Why is it that your Salesforce implementations are so solid?

The methods we use to implement Salesforce for our customers are deliberately done so that Salesforce’s three-times-a-year automatic upgrades don’t cause any issues with what we’ve configured for you. That’s peace of mind for us, and for our clients.

What about upgrades, running out of disk space and other issues we have encountered with our current system?

There are no server upgrades, operating system upgrades, middleware upgrades to worry about as you have with outdated systems. It’s all in the cloud and all of that is taken care of very reliably by Salesforce. You won’t run out of memory or disk space – Salesforce’s cloud scales with you as your needs grow. All you need to access Salesforce is a computer and internet access. Their cloud is highly available and reliable.

Do I have to call you to set up a new user or remove one? How much work is that?

Setting up a user takes a few minutes, as long as you have a license available for them. We don’t remove users in Salesforce because we want to keep any history related to that person. But we de-activate a user – also a few minutes. This is something we would train one of your team members to do.

Remember, because it’s cloud based, there is no software to install on your computer, on a server. As long as a user has a browser and access to the internet, they have access to Salesforce – it’s ubiquitous!

What about reports – do I have to call you to set up new reports and dashboards?

The report writer in Salesforce is easy to use, as long as you understand how the data is set up. Some of our clients have their own Salesforce Administrator who has learned how to create reports and dashboards and so are self-sufficient. Others prefer to rely on us for additional reporting needs.

What happens if we want to make changes to the system – if our needs change or we want to add functionality? Are you available to do that?

Our implementations are specific to your particular needs. This is not a product you buy off the shelf and then adapt to. Salesforce will be customized to your specific requirements. That’s part of the beauty of Salesforce – once you start using it and see how well it functions for you, the gears start to turn and you see even more potential to exploit Salesforce even further to your business’ advantage.

Also, Salesforce’s releases are chock full of new functionality three times a year. Some of this works when the upgrade happens and some of it requires some configuration from us to use.

Do you have a monthly charge for service after go-live?

We don’t charge monthly service fees because it’s just not needed. We bill you on a time and materials basis for support, if and when you need. So it’s very cost beneficial to our clients.


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January 19, 2018