UL Architecture Students’ Case Study on ADP Solutions renovation

At the conclusion of the renovation, which was spectacular, Geoff asked if we’d participate in a case study for his ARCH 540 students. We agreed and it was such a pleasure!

The students were impressively thorough and engaged throughout the whole semester. We participated in round table discussions twice in their classroom – lots of fun! They presented us with a full copy of the resulting project document. I was intrigued to find floor maps which gave us insight into other elements – such as lighting, temperature, sound and smell at different times during the day and evening.

I loved the section Unique Aspects of the Project:

“Renovating minor changes for a major idea”

“The relationships of the project personnel allowing for effective communication”

“Improvement of the building reflecting improvement of business – enhanced our firm’s image, confidence and energy.”


Congratulations to Kanitra Banks, Kayla Bell and Nathan Pierce – job well done!


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December 21, 2017