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Traditional business data applications are complicated and expensive and many require a complex software and team of highly-trained experts to run them. ADP Solutions offers a smarter solution to help you sell, service and market smarter with the full suite of Salesforce® business applications.

Salesforce®, the market-leader in customer success platforms, is designed to unlock the hidden value of your customer information to reduce business costs, improve decision making processes and identify areas for improvement. This powerful and flexible cloud-based system extends beyond the day-to-day, industry-required reporting and focuses on providing businesses with measurable data that guides strategic and operational decisions at the core of your business.

Strategic Solutions with Measurable Results

A well-done implementation of information technology means your business will collect a repository of valuable data. By deploying real-time analytics, interactive dashboards and deep-dive reports, you will be equipped to make better decisions based on accurate, relevant data, available with just a few clicks.

First, we must tackle this question – is my business’ data valid? Invalid data is not only useless, it can be disastrous as it empowers you to take the business in the wrong direction. Our team analyzes both processes and information, looking for duplicative, incomplete, inconsistent, nonexistent or just plain wrong information. This is part of the data migration process where data from existing systems is cleansed before importing into the Salesforce® data model and is part of the data design process where we determine how to build your data model within Salesforce®.

We work with you to identify strategic and tactical goals that will drive your business’ success. We answer these questions: What does success for this implementation project look like? How will we measure success?

Solutions as unique as your business

Setting your business apart from the others – known as positioning and differentiation in marketing circles – is what will allow you to flourish in our current climate of accelerating change. To achieve this, we need to know what your pain points are, what opportunities there are for you in the industry and what can be done to create value for your business with the implementation of technology.

Implementing technology without improving data and processes doesn’t gain you anything. So that’s why we start with analyzing how your team does their work now, then work with you to design innovative approaches to your team’s work and decision making.

Then the real fun begins – design and development using our adaptive methodology. Your team and ours will regularly collaborate to design and review the solution, in small chunks, as it is built. It is critical that your team, up and down the ranks, be involved in this process for a number of reasons: first, because we will not develop a solution for you in a vacuum; second, because it is your team who will use the app, so they need to be part of its creation; and third, because if your team is involved in its creation, they will adapt to it, minimizing the typical change management struggles that can accompany an implementation of something new.

The result will be technology that fits your business like a glove. It should not only improve performance and help you with decision making, it should also help you capitalize on business opportunities and dodge threats in our world of commerce.


Most consultants will provide you with ongoing support after your solution goes live. For ADP Solutions, that is a given. We want to make sure that the solution we crafted together really meets the goals set at the beginning of the implementation. After go-live, ADP Solutions works with you to:

  • Monitor changed processes and behaviors to ensure that you are achieving increases in productivity
  • Monitor user acceptance using the auditing and reporting tools within Salesforce®
  • Review your data to ensure that what you are collecting is of high quality
  • Create powerful and interactive dashboards, reports and performance indicators, specific to the roles of your users – we help you let go of paper-based reporting at meetings and instead use the powerful dashboards at your fingertips within Salesforce®
  • Identify tweaks and additional capabilities that can be made to make things even better

Best-In-Class Service for implementation, integration & support

ADP Solutions is ready to work with you and your team to build and implement custom Salesforce solutions designed to improve the efficiency and performance of your business at its core. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of Salesforce news, trends and certifications to ensure we continue to provide each of our clients with quality expert advice, unparalleled service and state-of-the-art solutions training specific to your unique Salesforce solution.


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